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    Rock formed, Wild Crafted and Sun-Dried!

    Our sea moss is rock formed, wild crafted and sun-dried from the coast of the crystal clear waters of Peru, it is vegan and environmentally friendly. The farm regrows the sea moss across the same coastline. They avoid using nets to protect sea creatures.

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    The Best Sea Moss, Because Our Community Deserves The Best!

    We pack our jars of sea moss to the brim. We use Chondrus Crispus sea moss gold and purple, the two most nutrient-dense. We use Scottish spring water, naturally and slowly driven through many layers of basalt rock to become immaculately filtered.

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    Latest Technology and Greatest Care.

    We use vacuum blenders to stop the oxidation of the sea moss during the blending process. Which makes the sea moss hold more nutrients, antioxidants and last longer. We soak our sea moss overnight with limes distilling the sea taste that can come with sea moss gel.

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