Frequently Asked Questions 

Sea Moss is a type of algae that has been consumed by humans for thousands of years. Historically, it was most commonly found in the diets of those living in the Caribbean and in Ireland thanks to the large number of nutrients contained within it.

Many other cultures have been using sea moss for medicinal benefits too, with some claiming that it can treat coughs, fight infections, and improve the libido. 

Today, many in the West are beginning to wake up to the benefits of this superfood, with millions adding it to their diets.

Sea moss on its own doesn’t have much of a smell. When we produce our sea moss gel, we blend it with natural spring water and key lime to help activate its minerals. For this reason, our sea moss gel has a pleasant and gentle citrus aroma.

Many other cultures have been using sea moss for medicinal benefits too, with some claiming that it can treat coughs, fight infections, and improve the libido. 

Today, many in the West are beginning to wake up to the benefits of this superfood, with millions adding it to their diets.

Just like its scent, sea moss doesn’t have much of a flavour. For the most part, our sea moss gel has a neutral taste that makes it great for cooking and adding to shakes.

Because it is mostly flavourless and scentless, sea moss is a flexible and versatile superfood that can be eaten on its own or added to a shake, tea, or included within your cooking. 

From our experience, we have found that everyone has their own personal preference and finds their own way to incorporate sea moss into their wellness routine. So if you’re new to taking sea moss, it may be best to experiment with different techniques to find the one that’s right for you. 

All our sea moss gels are produced using wild-harvested Inca sea moss that grows naturally off the coast of Peru.

Sea moss is sometimes called “Irish moss” as it was regularly consumed by the Irish. For the most part, the names are interchangeable.

Sea moss has been linked to a wealth of different benefits thanks to its high concentrations of many different vitamins and minerals. These benefits include:

  • Energy: The iron and vitamin B complex found in sea moss can help you to feel more energetic, allowing you to get more from your day.
  • Concentration: As well as helping you feel more energetic, sea moss can contribute to improved concentration
  • Emotions: Researchers have identified 10 different nutrients that can have an effect on controlling your mood, including magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D. These are all found in sea moss.
  • Refreshing sleep: Vitamin B complex, calcium, iron, vitamin D, and magnesium have all been linked to helping you sleep better. Sea moss is packed with all of these.
  • Weight control: Sea moss is believed to act as an appetite suppressant. It also contains a compound known as citrulline-arginine, this has been linked with increased metabolic activity. When combined with a balanced diet and exercise, this can help to control your weight.
  • Prebiotic boost: Research published in the BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies journal has found consuming sea moss can both increase the number of beneficial bacteria found in the gut and decrease the instances of “pathogenic species” at the same time.
  • Stronger immune system: The wealth of vitamins and minerals found in sea moss, including vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc can help contribute to the optimal function of the body’s immune system.
  • Lower inflammatory levels: Inflammation in the body can lead to a range of negative health outcomes. Consumption of antioxidants has been found to reduce inflammation by reducing the presence of free radicals in the body. Sea moss has been found to have antioxidant properties that may help to reduce inflammation in this way.
  • Balance thyroid: Iodine, which is found in sea moss, can help to contribute to a balanced thyroid.
  • Better hair, skin, and nails: The citrulline-arginine found in sea moss is synthesized into collagen in the body. This can help to improve your nails, hair, and skin.
  • Faster recovery: When you’re training, you want to speed up your recovery time. Several of the minerals found in sea moss can contribute to faster post-workout recovery, including zinc, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin E.
  • Shifting mucus: Sea moss contains chlorophyll, omega-3, and potassium, all three of which have been found to help remove mucus from the body.

Both sea moss gels available to buy in our store are made from wild-harvested Chrondus Crispus. Gold sea moss is more popular, though the purple variant contains more nutrients. 

In addition to the plethora of nutrients found in gold sea moss, purple sea moss also contains plant compounds known as anthocyanins, these flavonoid plant pigments are also what gives blueberries, purple sweet potatoes, and black rice their dark colours. 

Several studies have found that anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antioxidant properties, while eating foods that are rich in them may offer protection against obesity, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. 

There are several different common ways to take sea moss. Its versatility makes it great for combining with tea, smoothies, shakes, or as an additional ingredient in your cooking. Other popular ways to consume sea moss is to add it to yoghurt or your morning porridge.

Sea moss has a mostly neutral flavour, so it won’t alter the taste of the things that you add it to. 

This versatility gives you the opportunity to be flexible and try different ways of including sea moss into your wellness routine.

There is no specific recommendation for how much sea moss you should take each day as it is a superfood rather than a supplement. However, a little can go a long way, so you will likely find that a tablespoon each day is enough to feel the benefit. 

As you probably know, there is no magic bullet for weight loss, but there are plenty of small changes you can make that can help you in the right direction. Sea moss is one of these changes.

Sea moss naturally contains citrulline-arginine, which has been found to stimulate the body’s metabolism. This can be beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight as it means you’ll be burning more calories. 

Sea moss can also act as an appetite suppressant, potentially offering two benefits for weight loss. 

Sea moss is naturally high in iodine, which when consumed at the right amount, can help your thyroid to function optimally. However, if you believe you have a thyroid problem, you should first consult your doctor.

Yes, sea moss is known as plant-like, it is known as that because of the similarities to vegetables. Fun fact: Some call it the vegetable of the sea! Sea moss is a seaweed made of microalgae. Sea moss grows wild on the coast of ruff shores. It gathers nutrients from the rock that supports it and the sea that surrounds it.