One of the key differences with most sea moss merchants is how the sea moss is grown. Nearly all who sell sea moss say the sea moss is wild crafted which isn’t technically true. From Jamaica to Vietnam a large majority are line grown. Which can pass as wild crafted because it is grown in the sea, yet it’s technically not. The sea moss naturally forms on the rock where it gets a lot of its nutrients from. Line grown sea moss will be missing important nutrients which the sea moss extracts from the rock to give it, it’s full nutrient profile. Line grown sea moss will still be better than not having sea moss but the most nutrient dense sea moss is formed from the coastal rocks.

There’s two main questions people ask with rock formed sea moss is it environmentally friendly? How can you tell it’s rock formed?

Environmentally friendly – There will be coastal sea farms that cut corners, we avoid these by asking questions about there sea farm practices. The best thing to do it buy from reputable suppliers. Best practice sea farms regrow the sea moss across the same coastal line, are conscious of sea creatures and avoid nets.

How to tell – There’s one distinct feature of rock formed sea moss that line grown won’t have. When it’s dry it will come with rock still attached.

An easier way to make sure it’s rock formed wild crafted is to buy Condrus Chripus it’s the least line grown. Always ask your sea moss merchant where there sea moss comes from and how it’s grown.

Generally Condrus Chripus is only wild crafted rock formed sea moss. Which is one of the reasons it is know to be the most nutrition. It is also the reason why most sea moss merchants are excited about Inca sea moss. It is truly rock formed giving their customers the best possible natural sea moss.

We have only seen Gracilaria line grown, there still might be Condrus Chripus line grown. We can’t see everything but be certain we will call it when we see it.

We hope that gives you a better understanding of how sea moss is formed and the differences with line grown and wild crafted. At the end of the day having sea moss will still be better than not having sea moss!

Have a blessed day!

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